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What's HapPENNing?

Hello and welcome to the best week of November! Everyone's in a good mood it seems—we just became Ivy football champs, Honeygrow is now open, and it's a short week. That said, there's not much going on, but here are a few events to check out before Thanksgiving:

Penn Lens Guest Speaker Series: Steve Boyle

When: Tonight at 7
Where: Huntsman G90
Why: Because you've always wondered how to make money with your camera
Bring: Your photographer friends

The Finance of Healthcare

When: also tonight at 7
Where: Huntsman 250
Why: there'll be free Pattaya
Bring: your burning questions about our nation's failing healthcare system

Sex: A History in 30 Objects

When: 11-6pm
Where: Penn Museum
Why: ancient Roman dildos 
Bring: your crush


When: all day Thursday
Where: these 50 United States of America
Why: to celebrate this year's harvest
Bring: loose fitting pants

Anything we missed? Leave it in the comments!