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Most Depressing Places On Campus, Volume VIII: The DRL Terrace

Looking for a place to relax? Is this week just getting you down? No need to fret! We've got the perfect getaway destination for you. Why wallow only in the misery of the DRL lobby when you can also take a field trip to the back side of DRL? Your feet are soaked already, so bring your whole body with them as you bask in the comfort of shit-colored Adirondack chairs that are probably on the cusp of falling apart. Some flourishing foliage is kindly included on each corner of the terrace, too. Enjoy remarkable views of four slabs of concrete as they trap you in your despair — literally.

But wait, there's more! Your guardian angels in the windows of DRL hover above you — as an inescapable, gentle reminder that you're probably going to fail your math final next week. So come camp out! All you need is some rain boots, an umbrella, a rain poncho, another umbrella, and an unrelenting desire to get swallowed into a black abyss of anguish that is utterly inescapable.