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Things That Are Worse Than Finals, Eighth Edition

We wish we could say happy December! but there's a lot that's wrong with our world right now, folks. For starters, finals. Sometimes, the best way to get through these brain-draining times is to remember that things could be infinitely worse. It's all about perspective. Take these examples for example:

10 things worse than finals

1. Manual labor

2. Having your meditative rest-of-the-day planning interrupted by an aggressive Locust flyerer

3. Accidentally touching a scorpion

4. Yik Yak commenters

5. This Guy Fieri video game

6. Course evaluation email reminders

7. Course evaluations

8. Studying for a seventh MCAT retake

9. Shrek the Third (2007)

10. The state of our school

See, finals aren't that bad if you think about it. At the end of the day, they're just specially engineered assessments designed to give us a break from all the fun we're having in college. Bottom line is: you got this...so keep procrastinating with us! Read more things that are worse than finals: IIIIIIIVVVIVII

(Good luck and Happy Reading Days! love, UTB)