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"Alexander Hamilton. His Name Is Alexander Hamilton." And He Is This Year's Commencement Speaker

Move over Ben Franklin, because Alexander Hamilton is coming to town. THE Lin-Manuel Miranda is Penn's 2016 commencement speaker. Let’s repeat that: Lin-Manuel Miranda – the creator, composer, lyricist, and star of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton – is coming to Penn. 

It’s an understatement to say this musical has taken the world by storm: tickets are sold out until September and there are even Hamilton-themed Soul Cycle classes. So basically this commencement is a big humongous deal. If people are willing to pay $2,000 for one ticket, then certainly a savvy Penn student could sell a commencement ticket for at least $200 (we’re just saying...). 

What a time to be alive! Let’s just hope Aaron Burr doesn’t make a guest appearance.