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How To Spend Time Till Spring Break

There are 38 days till Spring Break! Are you going to PV, Paris, or your parent's basement? Either way, with no work right now, Sbreak feels right on the horizon. Except you have 18 midterms between now and then...So, to help pass those 5ish weeks, here is a perfectly regimented schedule to spend your time:

Week One: Yell at your parents that everyone is getting a villa in PV and if you don't you'll personally drop down a tier. 

Week Two: Break up with your bf/gf and then immediately realize your villa is going to be really god-damn awkward.

Week Three: Buy 17 bathing suits from Vilebrequin. Return all of them the next day. 

Week Four: Drop PSYC001, or ASTR001, or Geology, or whatever physical world class you are currently taking. Convince yourself you will definitely take it next semester. You don't need that stress in Mexico. 

Week Five: EVERY MIDTERM EVER. Lock yourself in VP. Stare at photos of the beach while you cry yourself to sleep. 

Week Five-ish: Begin that Sbreak diet. Honeygrow counts as dieting, right? 

Spring Break is cool and all, but if you want to join UTB on our Sbreak trip to hunt Galapagos turtles, apply to be a writer here.