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OFSL Coordinator Possibly Misrepresents Background

Kenny Jones, the Associate Director for Community Development for the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, may have misrepresented his academic credentials and background after falsely stating he had a PhD, among other inconsistencies.

Penn State's not-as-cool blog, Onward State, recently retracted an article on Kenny Jones after Jones contacted them asking the blog to remove all mentions of his PhD and to his Phi Beta Sigma affiliation.

While articles can be retracted, the internet is forever. Currently, the OFSL Facebook page lists Jones as having a PhD, multiple websites list him as Dr. Kenny Jones, his (now-deleted) Twitter was dr_k3nney, and Jones even wrote a blog post about receiving his PhD. 

OFSL seems to be aware of the controversy, as it has updated Jones' bio, stripping any mention of his PhD from Morgan State University and that he had been a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity for over 10 years. OFSL still, however, references his Phi Beta Sigma affiliation, though no longer mentioning the amount of time.