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Four Alternative Poses For Your Lin Pic

Big Little Weeks are upon us, folks. That means our Facebook and Insta feeds are not only under siege from vicious lies that everyone's big is the best, but also classically posed lineage pics that represent the hierarchy of bigness. You know, when the big big big's head is above the big big's head, which is above the big's head, which is about the prized, precious little's shining aura. 

This pose is pure instinct for sorority girls everywhere. It's the dance of the honeybee, the crawling of the newly hatched sea turtle toward the ocean. But really, is it the only way to represent your everlasting lin love on social media? Challenge yourself by trying these alternative ways to pose your lin:

1. The Super(wo)man

Over the past week, your big has showered you with 10 metric tons of junk food and now you're irreversibly bonded. So raise each other up right there at your reveal BYO and soak in the glory of your new, completely manufactured relationship. 

2. The Actual Squat

Spring break is coming up ladies, so why not step up your sorority squat game? If you all pose in a full squat for the amount of time that it takes to ask your La Viola waiter to snap a pic, endure his attempts to hit on all four of you at once, and finally have him take the damn picture after he so hilariously takes five to seven selfies, you're glutes will thank you! 

3. The Throwback Star

Lin pics can remind us of a time when we had to aggressively upload photos with at least 3 other females every week to assert our social dominance. While we're certainly glad that middle school phase is over (or is it?), you don't have to discard this timeless pose of putting your fingers into a star formation! Your lin is for STARS!

4. Formation

Got a bigger lin cause Maggie took twins but then Melissa shared a little with Catherine so you're all sharing the new baby?! Ugh, life is so complicated. But at least with your strength in numbers you can probably reenact your favorite part of the Formation video. What better way to show that you're a group of likely white gals who nonetheless SLAY?