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SURPRISE! Penn Students Prioritize Work Over Sleep

Headline! Headline! There is an epidemic at Penn! An Empty Bed Epidemic

Just a few, short weeks ago, Josh Kahn (CAS freshman and everyone's third-favorite Kahn/Cahn) detailed some shocking news on HuffPo: Penn students tend not to sleep all that much. Such an "Empty Bed Epidemic," Kahn shrewdly observes, is the result of students prioritizing academics over a good night's sleep. Melodrama and no-shit-Sherlock comments aside, Kahn makes a call to arms against the current administration. (Kind of.)

The post goes on the criticize the administration for only informing students about good sleeping habits through posters and emails and that instead, the administration should...well, he has no idea, but he IS "all ears". Ah, blind criticism rather than action, shouted into the abyss of the Internet – truly a unique tactic with all of the nuance of a YouTube comment.