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Sex, Drugs, And Other Awkward Things To Discuss With Your Rabbi

Tonight is Penn's third annual "Let's Talk About Sex Shabbat." Spiritual discussions of hanky-panky habits will happen during Shabbat dinners all over campus before participants head to Copa for an open bar. We get it, campus rabbis. You're not like regular rabbis. You're cool rabbis. 

In the spirit of Sex Shabbat, UTB cooked up a few more cringe-worthy topics to discuss with your rabbi over some lukewarm Hillel chicken: 

1. What prayers will help you avoid pregnancy?

2. The spirituality of yeast infections

3. Was colonialism a mistake?

4. Is foreskin better for handjobs?

5. Who you should bring to your date night? (like you really want to bring someone you can hook up with)

6. Should handjobs be given at all?

7. Was there or wasn’t there enough space on the plank for Jack?

8. Is the Jewish tradition of circumcision at its root simply a preventive measure against handjobs? 

9. Converting to Catholicism for your Muslim boyfriend's Catholic grandma

10. The “perfect murder”

11. The best bacon egg and cheese on campus

12. Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?