Tinder for Tutoring

Based on an influx of campus ambassador style emails, it seems Quickhelp, an app started by two Harvard grad students (sorry, PennApps), is coming to Penn. Quickhelp brands itself as the "Uber of Tutoring," allowing students to solicit teaching services from nearby tutors, often grad students in the same area, even the same university. 

Users can view the profile of their prospective tutor, which includes a photo and information on their skills and specialties. They can then chat in the in-app instant messenger. We applaud Quickhelp's clever business model: a service platform that eliminates the wedge between consumer willingness to pay and supplier reservation wage... (blah, blah, blah, synergy, cash flow), but we can't help but think that this matching service sounds awfully familiar to a certain widely used dating app...CS nerds, maybe it's time for a startup that's got the best of both worlds?