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Most Uplifting Places On Campus, Volume I: College Green

After thirteen installments of the Most Depressing Places on Campus, we discovered that we were kinda bumming ourselves out. That's why, starting now, we'll be highlighting the most inviting, inspiring, and spiritually satisfying places instead. Y'know, just to remind everyone that there's more to campus than the solitary table in front of Gourmet Grocer. First up on our list of most uplifting places is...


College Green

Conveniently located at the center of a tourist's camera screen, CeeLo Green, as it's colloquially known, is a mystical space that can lift just about anyone's spirits. Nervous because you tried to dodge a DP and accidentally stepped on the compass? Just look up into the eyes of one of history's most inspiring leaders and thinkers. Let yourself be inspired! And you'll be feelin' like $100 again in no time. Need somewhere to drain your laptop battery? Just pick a spot on the cool grass and SABS to your heart's content. Whether you're just passing through on the way to DRL or setting up a slackline, College Green is like the Room of Requirement; it's always there for us, and is everything we need it to be. An icon of Penn, it definitely earns its place as one of the zenest zones on campus.