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Pro/Con/Pro: Shaving Your Legs

With the return of easy, breezy, beautiful spring temperatures back in the air, you’re surely whipping out the sandals and shorts already. But for some of us, exposed skin comes with a few drawbacks — which is why this week we’re here to weigh the pros and cons of shaving your legs.

Emma: I’ll argue that there’s no need to sacrifice precious shower time to this heinous, and altogether unnecessary, act. Let the small forest of leg hairs you cultivated over the winter LIVE!

Gena: You know, it’s hard to tell how those lil guys will feel about being shaved versus not being shaved. On the one hand, it’s like, yeah, they might just wanna stay trimmed and tidy and neat, but on the other hand, maybe they just wanna express themselves and blossom into fully blooming, unapologetic little beings.

Emma: First, the obvious. Your leg hair was meant to keep you warm! Which is perfect for spring in Philly. If you’d shaved your legs a week ago when it was 80, you must have died when it literally snowed this weekend.

Gena: I think the real question is: is a Canada Goose really worth it if the human body already has a biological underpinning to keeping warm?

Emma: Plus, razors are waaaay too expensive to even attempt to justify. We’ve been using the same basic design since the 1800s, no need to pay $15 for some blades.

Gena: I mean, alternatively for $15 you could get: a bus ticket to Baltimore, a broken AC off craiglist, or 7 Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell. One upside to buying the Gillette Venus is it does suggest you have an ounce of self-care left.

Emma: And once you start shaving, you’re automatically roped in to keep going.

Gena: We have decided. Ladies, shave your legs to your heart’s content. Like a wise woman once said: furry friends are the greatest form of rebellion.

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