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Treat. Yo. Self.: Dean Furda Edition

For those who don't have a stressed out 17-year-old in their life to remind them, many college admissions decisions are being released this week, including dear old Penn's. This weekend, a man who appears to be Dean Furda was spotted kicking back while getting a pedicure after admitting what will inevitably be the most glorious, talented, diverse, driven, kind-hearted, cutthroat, passionate, nerdy, cool, nerdy-cool, spunky, punky, spelunky, qualified, and of course, exceptional, class in Penn's history.

As we anxiously await the news that Penn's acceptance rate has gone down from 9.9 to 9.87 percent, we extend our congrats to Dean Furda for both making it through another grueling admissions season and taking some time to himself before returning to the dungeon of College Hall to harass freshmen into hosting for Quaker Days.  

Hurrah, hurrah for the Class of 2020 and silky-smooth feet!