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Alternative Post-Graduation Trips To Save You Time And Money

As graduation and real life approaches, seniors are getting down to business on planning post-grad festivities. But what if you don't have time for a trip to the Mediterranean or a romp around Southeast Asia before your June 1 start date? Moreover, what if you're not selling your soul to a bank/consulting firm and don't have a signing bonus to blow? We've got some ideas.

1. Typical trip: 14-Day traipse around Europe

UTB alternative: 4-Day trod around tri-state area

Need to be close to New York so you can join the feeding frenzy that is finding an NYC apartment? We've got the trip for you! While your friends pretend to enjoy museums in Berlin and Milan, you can enjoy the wonders of Berlin, CT and Milan, NY. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, maybe even take a spontaneous day trip to Versailles, PA (pronounced Ver-SAYLES). We hear Ryanair is offering really cheap flights around these cities. Just make sure your baggage is under their fascist weight limit! 

2. Typical trip: 3-week jaunt around Asia

UTB alternative: 3-hour jog around Philly BYOs

Who needs cultural immersion in actual Asia when you can get sick off the food AND experience high levels of confusion right here in the city we call home? Once your family ditches you after graduation, the exploration can begin right away. Dim Sum Garden covers Shanghai, Thai Singha House covers Thailand, Banana Leaf covers Malaysia (and everything else), Beijing is LITERALLY Beijing! By the end of this tour, your chopstick skills will be unrivaled and your body will be dying a slow, MSG-y death. 

3. Typical trip: Roadtrip down the Pacific Coast Highway

UTB alternative: Trip down Ryan and Marissa's memory lane

Soaking in the sun in LA, the orca abuse in San Diego SeaWorld, and the housing bubble in San Fran does sound pretty sweet. But who needs to spend hours in the car when you can spend hours in your bed streaming The O.C.? Tell your Mom you're upstairs working on the job search while you search for the answers that really matter: Why did Marissa have to die? Why did Seth have to leave Gilmore Girls, leaving Lane Kim without the love she deserved? Why can't you stop listening to Phantom Planet and sobbing? Take your time with these questions. College is behind you and this is YOUR journey.