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The 30 Most Likely Dignitaries Coming To Graduation

Last week, Dean DeTurck sent an email to all CAS graduating seniors stating that “due to a number of dignitaries who are expected to be in attendance at the College Graduation Ceremony, graduating students will be asked to arrive early to Franklin Field.”  While there is absolutely no way at all to know who these special dignitaries will be, UTB has the inside scoop on the 30 most probable dignitaries that will be attending this year's College graduation!

  1. Todd Palin
  2. Craig Romney
  3. Newt Gingrich
  4. Kim Jong-nam, Kim Jung-Un’s less impressive brother
  5. Raechel Ray
  6. Rachel Roy
  7. Rachel Dolezal
  8. Rod Blagojevich
  9. Ralph Nader
  10. The Cast of Knight Rider
  11. Aunt Jemima
  12. Kelly Ripa
  13. Zendaya
  14. Michael Booooooomberg, the ghost of Michael Bloomberg
  15. Nick Cannon
  16. Xenu
  17. Josh from Drake & Josh
  18. Dina Lohan
  19. Tonya Harding
  20. Billy Dee Williams
  21. Prince George
  22. JC Chasez
  23. The Hamburglar 
  24. Mary-Kate Olsen (but not Ashley)
  25. The Blue Man Group
  26. Squeaky Fromme
  27. Jeb!
  28. Salt N’ Pepa
  29. Pizza Rat
  30. Vermin Supreme