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White Protestant Students Finally Have A Safe Space At Penn

Found in the quad earlier this week, this insightful poster calls for addressing certain issues regarding the mistreatment of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants on Penn's campus (we would include some examples here but we haven't been made aware of any). 

The revolutionary makes it clear that WASP's are a minority at Penn. How? He bolded it. Take that, communist left! And facts

The author is completely right. Only 44.3% of Penn students are white! The WASP's plight is totally similar to that of groups who are systematically denied the same opportunities as white people! Penn needs a WASP center. 

Luckily, rumor has it that Penn is planning such a community center. The Center will be located between the David Duke Center for (White) Children and the Institute for Politically Unaware Students Who Just Don't Get It, right across the street from now-closed headquarters of Penn for Trump.