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"Life At Vet U" Will Save You From The 700th Article On Oz

It's been a rough week and half on campus.

Most of you were probably hit in the face with a catfish today while running to see Obama. You came back to an inbox overflowing with OCR emails, and to make matters worse, the class of 2020 is already being embarrassing. In a time when everything Penn students are doing seems to suck, Life at Vet U is exactly what we need.

Premiering October 1st on Animal Planet, Life at Vet U is a reality series that will follow six students at Penn Vet as they train to become the best kind of human being. Judging from the trailer, this will entail Eskimo-kissing parrots and dogs, birthing horses/dogs/horsedogs and rubbing the tummies of lots of animals. Penn still sucks for now, but at least from October 1st on, we’ll get to vicariously attend Vet U.