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Please Help Penn Masala Find The Top 5 Hottest Girls On Campus!!

Wow! It has been a great day for all-male groups on campus!

First, the boys at *censored*, named infamously for a Wizard, an emerald city, and a yellow brick road..., jeopardized the future of Wild Wednesdays after sending out a beautiful email that began, “Ladies / May we have your attention please/We’re looking for the fun ones/And say fuck off to a tease.” 

Most of us thought this was enough bullshit for one day, but even before the #NotAllMen hashtag could hit Penn men's brunch instas, we were sent an application form for Penn Masala where applicants are asked to list “the 5 hottest girls” they’ve seen at Penn.

We’re not sure why this is at all relevant for Penn Masala’s screening process, or indeed, for any institution apart from America’s Next Top DickHead. But, if you do, let us know in the comments.

Right now, We have our own list running at UTB, called the 5 Worst Groups On Campus. If you know of any competitors for spots 3 through 5, email us at tips@underthebutton.com.