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Which Off Campus Frat Denied The Obama Sisters Entry?

As the not-so-subtle black secret service SUVs have hinted, we have not one but two special guests at Penn this weekend . . . Malia and Sasha Obama! You know, the daughters of Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America.

Apparently this isn't obvious to everyone, as last night the boys at Phi didn’t recognize one of the girls and gave her the classic “take a lap” line, despite her 12 Secret Service agents in tow.

While Phi blew their chance, the Obama sisters seem to be a fan of off-campus frats (unlike the Penn administration). Rumor has it Malia and Sasha will be making an appearance at Brunch on the Battleship, so either hold on to your tickets for dear life or sell them for at least $500.

NSO is over, classes have started, and most importantly UTB is back, so if you happen to see a presidential daughter around this weekend or any other good stories, please email us at tips@underthebutton.com. And make sure to check back at the blog for more Obama updates.