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Gourd Week Concludes: Pumpkins Are Out, Butternut Squash Is In

Butternut squash is unequivocally the best type of gourd. 

But you're probably thinking, "What the hell is with UTB writing about gourds. Also, the pepo variation of the Cucurbita pepo, commonly known as a "pumpkin", is clearly the best type of gourd."

You're wrong.

Pumpkins are overrated. We know that it's fall, the leaves are turning, you can wear that cardigan again, and yada yada yada. That doesn't mean that everything has to be pumpkin-this and pumpkin-that. You may think you really like pumpkin, but you don't. Actual pumpkins taste fucking terrible. 

None of the following taste like pumpkin: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bread/roll. Pumpkin spice lattes are for coffee-drinkers who hate coffee and want a "pumpkin" flavor (aka a shit-ton of cinnamon and sugar with some other stuff thrown in).  

Butternut squash, on the other hand, is amazing. It tastes great on its own merit and is excellent as a soup. Butternut squash is the one gourd to rule them all and is the true flavor of the fall season.

Not. Pumpkin.

Ed. Note: If you found this post extremely shocking and need to vent, or want gourd related advice email us at tips@underthebutton.com. Your questions will be directed to Gourdon, UTB's gourd expert.