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Grown Adults Upset Over Not Getting Harry Potter T-Shirts


Members of the Class of 2019 were absolutely infuriated beyond consolation Monday after being told that they would not be able to buy Harry Potter class shirts. Class leaders conducted a poll giving the sophomores the option of a class quarter-zip or class shirts that are Harry Potter themed. Quarter-zips won by a considerable margin, garnering 67.7% of the vote. This sparked controversy on the 2019 Facebook page, marking the only time that Penn students have ever been upset about getting a preppy quarter-zip.

If any sophomores are really feeling down about not being able to buy a young-adult novel themed shirt, please reach out to us at tips@underthebutton.com for emotional support. We'll send you a bootlegged VHS of The Sorcerer's Stone and a FroGro pizza to help you get through these hard times.