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Panting, Sweaty Sophomore Is Late to 200 Person Econ Lecture, No One Cares


Photo by Julio Sosa / The Daily Pennsylvanian

On Monday, John Day (C'19), burst into his 200 person ECON 001 lecture, slick with sweat and thoroughly winded. He entered the Claudia Cohen Hall classroom at 11:03, three minutes past the beginning of class. He told UTB that he slept through his alarm, and rushed to grab his coat before sprinting out of his modest apartment in the low-40s.

Upon entering his class, a panting Day threw the door open, startling the occupants of the last few rows. "Yeah, he scared the shit out of me," classmate Lucas Weiner (C'20) remarked. "He also might have dripped some sweat on me. Something wet hit my lower lip." When UTB asked about Day's tardiness, Weiner responded, "I honestly couldn't care less. It's a huge lecture and the professor doesn't even take attendance. No one cares." 

UTB interviewed several other classmates, all of whom expressed similar levels of concern. Day still contends that punctuality is extremely important, even in such a large lecture. To this point, Day's professor argued, "No it's not."