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Rodin Is Officially The Worst College House

So let's go back to a seemingly minor decision many upperclassmen were making around six months ago: which high rise to live in this year. Since they all pretty much look identical, does it really matter which one you live in?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: well, let's describe the nightmare that living in Rodin has thus far:

  • On average, 2/4 of the elevators work at a time. Allow for an extra 5-10 minutes to get downstairs on any given day.
  • Construction workers have been "cleaning the windows" for about 2 months. Watch out if you're changing, because there's a good chance that you're gonna flash some rando who's been chillin right outside your window all morning.
  • Last Thursday night at midnight, (because someone thought the sprinkler was a good place to hang their towels) the sprinkler system system went off, forcing the whole building to go down the stairs and evacuate for multiple hours. Considering the timing of the incident, a good number of the residents were either pretty fucked up and/or studying for midterms. Bonus: if you lived on the 12th or 13th floor and your room got damaged, you got shipped off to Sansom West!
  • Last but not least, at 4 AM yesterday morning, another fire alarm was apparently set off due to a super vague "steam emergency." Every half-drunk-half-sober person in the building had to get up and huddle in the stairwell for a good 20 minutes, while being reminded that "this isn't a drill." Of course it's not a drill, who would hold a fire drill at 4 in the morning?

So even though everyone told you Rodin was supposed to be the best high rise, that clearly isn't the case. Let's just see if we can make it a full week without having to evacuate the building.