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Dear White Folk, Sorry You Have To Spend This Weekend With Your Crazy Relatives

It's only Wednesday, but if you're white you've probably already been a part of one of these uncomfortable conversations, have heard Sean Hannity's voice blaring in the background somewhere in your home, or are trying to understand why your uncle put a copy of Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman on your bedside table. (Let's be real - you have one of those uncles). Cause if there's one thing you were really looking forward to after this election cycle, it was spending your 4 days off arguing with a relative who still doesn't believe in climate change or marriage equality.

But hey, at least there's still Thanksgiving: a day where you get to eat delicious food and stuff your face at 3pm and be in bed by 6pm. This holiday is easier for you than it is for anyone else, after all!