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Five New Exercise Programs To Try After Thanksgiving

Did your jeans pop open when you sneezed this morning? We guessed as much. It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and we bet that you, like all our UTB staffers, completely overdid it.

Don't worry, there is no need to panic. We have come up with some simple, effective workouts to whip everyone back into shape before the feasting begins once more for Christmas.

  1. Sprint to class. Once you exit your building, bend down in a crouch (posture is important for this first push) and hurl yourselves toward class. If you’re feeling alpha from your run, take your timing and announce it when you enter the room. This move will target that persistent bit of fat you've collected near your throat. 
  2. Push strangers. It may be hard to do a push-up on the floor now that your belly is in the way. No worries – vertical push-ups work the exact same muscles. For faster results, push the swolest guy coming out of Pottruck. He won't be mad-- clearly he respects exercise.
  3. Skipping burns more calories than running or swimming. Try skipping class, social events, or town. 
  4. Lift! Instead of burning your newfound jiggly bits with cardio, transform them into real gains by lifting. If you’re serious about your transformation in time for formals season, go hard and try lifting the weight of your parent's expectations. 
  5. Run long distance! Run a half marathon, a whole marathon, or however long it takes to get away from your demons. Maybe you'll never stop running. Good for you!