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It's Not Funny Anymore

What happens now?

We are scared. We are tired. We are concerned for our future, our friends, our family and the countless of others we don't know but who are probably more afraid than us.We've seen our friends and classmates work incredibly hard to be only met with failure. This hurts, terribly. 

Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. He will be the first Penn graduate to ever hold the office and when we look around we will try and fail to separate ourselves from institution and ideology that gave him power. When we look in the mirror, will we see ourselves in Trump? This is scary. We have to grieve, but be angry too. Penn is not your safe haven. 

UTB's mission is to speak truth to the Penn experience and to hopefully make you laugh while we try. It's hard to do that today. It's not funny anymore. 

We will be at the Solidarity March at 6:00. Hopefully you can join us. And if you need UTB, we will be back in the coming days, but if you have advice on how we can make this better and support you, please reach out at tips@underthebutton.com.