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Marketing Professor Accidentally Gives Lecture On Time Dilation

Last week, a marketing student got a lesson that he never thought possible in a Wharton classroom. College sophomore Lucas Weiner shared his unnerving experience with UTB, saying that he was "just sitting there listening to the lecture for what seemed like a really long time. At some point I checked the clock." This is when Weiner came to a harrowing revelation: only 45 minutes had passed since class began. "I thought that maybe my phone was set to a time zone somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. This just wasn't the case," Weiner laments. 

He then arrived at the only logical explanation, he was experiencing some form of time dilation. "It was clear that time during the lecture was occurring at a rate slower than that of time actually passing," he explained. When pressed Weiner admitted that prior to the lecture, he knew very little about time dilation and special relativity. After the lecture, he still knew very little but he was at least acquainted with it. "I don't really know, its gotta do with relative velocity or gravity or some shit like that. All I know is that my relative experience of time was all sorts of messed up," he articulated. 

He expresses that while he did learn something about "market penetration or segmentation or something like that," his main takeaway was definitely rooted in relativity.