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Penn's English Language Program Works With Hot Professional Soccer Players

It’s Thanksgiving week, a time for us to think about what we’re most thankful for. Well thanks to this Penn News post, we know exactly what Penn’s English Language Program instructors are thanking their lucky stars for – sexy soccer players.

The lengthy article discusses how ELP has made a powerful impact on the Philadelphia Union team since many of their players come from foreign countries, and speak beginning to intermediate level English. Philadelphia Union players Fabio Alves and Tranquillo Barnetta were quoted in the article, expressing their gratitude for the program and how it has improved overall team communication.

But let’s cut to the chase, this is all just a mandatory PR article to cover up the fact that the ELP instructors spend their days hanging out with hot Brazilian, Colombian, and Swiss guys. Perhaps our minds are in the gutter, but we have a feeling that teaching attractive athletes how to give verbal cues such as “drop”, “behind” and “close down the space” has to have a meaning that goes beyond the soccer field. 

Clearly the ELP instructors are making the most out of their Penn experience. Now all we want to know is if the they are looking for interns. . .