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Talks We Want To See At TEDxPenn

At least three people are excited that TEDxPenn is returning in April 2017. While the topics at this independently-organized and non-affiliated TED event aren't up to UTB (though they should be), we came up with some suggestions that could increase the number of people in attendance to at least four. Get ready to be learned!

  1. You Can Reserve a GSR Using Only Your Mind
  2. How to Train Your Dragon
  3. These Are the Stores That Are Not Wawa
  4. How Sex Under the Button Can Save Your Life
  5. Closets: Are they Flammable? - Lorenzo Bonfiglio
  6. What If Instead of Saying “Hooking Up” We Said “Mating”?
  7. I Tested the Urine On Ben Franklin and One of You Needs Medical Attention
  8. You’re All Going to Hell - the Preacher on College Green
  9. How to Determine Which Public Benches Are Free of Fecal Matter
  10. Go from Masturbating Horses for Free to Masturbating Horses for Money!
  11. How to Cook a Ten Course Meal Using Only a Coffee Pot and the Lint from the Corner of Your Room
  12. How to Deal with Your Roommate Who Unironically Listens to Vaporwave
  13. Climate Change and More Science You Should Ignore
  14. Why We Should Build More Bridges Over 38th Street
  15. Has anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to Do Look More Like?
  16. Introducing a New Task Force to Combat the Excessive Creation of Task Forces
  17. How to Succeed in Business without Trying – Like Actually Zero Effort
  18. Feasibility of a Subway That Goes from to High Rises to DRL
  19. Hone Your Ability to Control Your Pheromones So They Perfectly Agree with to Senses of Your Crush
  20. What’s with the Wind?
  21. How to Resurrect Ben Franklin
  22. How to Maximize Food Delivery Efficiency
  23. Club Penguin Is an Allegory for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  24. How to Get Back the Six Hours You Wasted On the Gilmore Girls Revival Season
  25. What’s Wrong with American Education? A Closer Look at Bees.