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Release Your Worries. . . So They Become Yet Another One Of The Environment's Problems

You may or may not have received the Facebook invite for the private event “Worry Balloon Release,” an event in which you “write down your worries on a balloon” and then release the balloons at 2:50 pm.

While it may be tempting to channel your inner Walt Disney and “Up” the fuck out of your stress, this isn’t the way to do it. 

Released balloons can travel hundreds of miles and pollute an area someone or something calls home. Wildlife can then ingest the deflated balloons or get tangled in balloon strings, often causing serious injury or death.

Also, keep in mind that helium is a rare and finite resource that is quickly depleting. Along with its hilarious ability to change your voice for a few seconds, helium is often used in the medical field, particularly for ventilators and MRI scanners.

Keep all this in mind before you write about how much your life sucks on a piece of rubber, only to watch the rubber fly away and quickly realize that your life still sucks. Try deep breathing or aromatherapy. The rubber is better off in your nightstand drawer anyways.