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How Many Triplets Are In 3hree Triplets Fitness?

Everyone on campus knows, or knows about, the Jones triplets. Aside from being identical triplets, which already sets them apart on campus, they're also all incredibly handsome, fit, friendly, and good at dancing. They were on Family Feud, where they dabbed on Steve Harvey with their lovely parents. They were featured on BET as "People You Should Know." Together, the triplets run 3hree Triplets Fitness, a fitness organization which hosts bootcamp workouts on campus so you can look at them and feel bad about how many crunches you can do (two and a half).

But behind the perfection that the Jones triplets seem to embody, there lies a startling truth. There are nine people involved in 3hree Triplets, presumably all related, potentially all identical. There must be two other sets of triplets involved in their fitness organization, based on the name. Let's break it down. 3hree Triplets would be redundant if it referred to only one set, because triplets already implies a group of three siblings. The fitness organization's name proves that there are 9 individuals-- three sets of triplets. We don't know the science of it, but we know the math-- PEMDAS doesn't lie. 3hree Triplets = 3*(1+1+1) = 3*3 = 9 individuals.

So what do the other two sets of triplets do? Are they in hiding, working behind the scenes to build a fitness empire? Are they all as jacked as Ahmad, Khalil, and Malik? Do they take turns posing as Ahmad, Khalil, and Malik on some sort of rotation schedule? We have a lot of questions, but one thing is certain: there are three sets of triplets in 3hree Triplets Fitness, which sounds like… a lot of triplets.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of the other six triplets, please let us know at tips@underthebutton.com