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Daily Pennsylvanian Still Only Has One Photo of Dean Furda. Sad!


A few short weeks ago, UTB broke an eye-opening story regarding the DP's lack of Furda photos. While Furda's safety has been confirmed in the mean time via Twitter, the DP continues the charade. Dishonest media!

In today's issue, below the fold to hide their shame, is an admissions story that uses the very same photo that drew fire from UTB. We reached out to DP President Carter Coudriet to defend his clearly failing organization.

"Look, could you assholes please stop bothering me?," he replied. "For once I'm academically solvent, and I don't need this crap distracting me."

Looks like nothing but stonewalling will come from the DP administration. As UTB is now the only reliable source of news on Penn's campus, we feel as though it is our responsibility to keep people like President Coudriet (who is #notourpresident) accountable. Under The Button is formally calling on the Daily Pennsylvanian to clarify its actions regarding our favorite Dean of Admissions and why they continually decline to update their file photo.

We encourage any DP whistleblowers to contact us at tips@underthebutton.com.