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Freshman Has Yet to Accept That Mice Are a Quintessential Part of the Penn Experience


Dear @heywhatisdown,

You seem like a sweetheart. You have a hip yet friendly username, you use the phrase “very angry” rather than “pissed” or “furious,” and even see yourself as in a relationship with the administration. You're too good for us.

We're sorry to have to tell you that living side by side with mice is, in fact, a fundamental part of the Penn experience. Like guzzling soylent for dinner, being a professional one-upper, and loving your siSDTers, living with rodents is a necessary rite of passage for any Quaker.

The mice have been reproducing in those walls way before any of us got here. They were reproducing long before BFrank built "America's First University" with his bare hands in 1740, before those walls even existed, and they’ll still be reproducing in 2021, when we are all dead. The mice that bother you come from a long, long line of Penn mice. They're legacy mice.

If you’re still feeling squeamish, here are a few other places on campus where you can likely get better acquainted with mice: Van Pelt, any DRL bathroom, Steiny D, in between the second and third floors of Williams, probably New College House, and definitely in your food!