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Restaurant Week at Home

Credit: Grüne Raute

Restaurant week is upon us. On top of all the homework, internship applications, and sleep you need to catch up on, you’re probably in a million group chats debating between going to the Dandelion or Buddakan and ranting about how you refuse to go to a chain restaurant during restaurant week. Save yourself from irritating crowds, limited menus where they always run out of the dish you want, and Uber surge fees, and do restaurant week in the comfort of your own dorm. Here are some suggestions of gourmet meals you could easily make with items (most likely) in your kitchen.


Natty light beer battered chicken wings

"Left-over" Sweetgreen kale salad garnished with apples from Commons


Easy Mac with a golden-brown, Goldfish cracker crust

Spaghetti with a Lemon-Garlic, Franzia Crisp White Wine Sauce

Tortilla Lasagna 


Bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka paired with a McDonald’s Apple Pie

Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with Olive Oil

~Brownies~ with melted Reese Pieces

If you have any creative recipe or wine-pairing suggestions, please email them to tips@underthebutton.com