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Engineering Junior Trips on Locust, Looks to See If Anyone Saw

Credit: Julio Sosa

At approximately 1:18 Monday afternoon, Julia Cadere (SEAS '18) left her comfortably cramped apartment on the 4100 block of Pine to get to her BEPP 250 lecture Steinberg-Dietrich Hall. The commute was routine and ordinary, until tragedy befell the unsuspecting engineer.

"I was crossing over the 38th street bridge and everything seemed pretty normal," she told UTB. "I was checking my email on my phone as I started to pass Huntsman and I tripped and almost fell." According to Cadere, it was a sight to behold.

She tripped, lunging forward and careening for several steps before managing to find her footing, resisting the temptation to crumple beneath the weight of her Fjällräven backpack. Cadere is still unsure about what caused her to trip. She has concluded that it was either her own foot, or a small raised edge in the bricks. "I think I'm just kind of an idiot," she lamented. "I've always been kind of a klutz, but this is a new level of clumsiness. What if someone saw?"

She looked all around to see if anyone had seen her tripping over basically nothing, and concluded (after a few minutes deliberation) that no one had noticed. "If someone had seen me, it would have been game over. I'm so glad I can just act like nothing happened," she told us, deeply relieved.

Unfortunately for Cadere, her relief was premature. We spoke to Ben LeTreau (C'19), who was sitting outside of Huntsman when the incident occurred, to corroborate the story. "Yeah, I totally saw her trip over nothing. She almost face-planted, it was hilarious," LeTreau explained. "I captured it on Snapchat and sent it to everyone I know. Man, I wouldn't want to be her right now. Her life is over." 

Sources close to Cadere tell us that her sorority is currently considering removing her from its ranks, and her parents are changing their last name to distance themselves. When Cadere tried to go to office hours later in the week, her professor told her "I'm sorry, I have to go walk my dog" and left his office. We are told that the professor does not have a dog.