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Hoodie Allen Snubbed at Grammys Once Again

Credit: Tiffany Ronquillo

Music lovers were shocked and disturbed to learn that Hoodie Allen, esteemed rapper and graduate of our very own University of Pennsylvania (W’10), left the Grammys empty–handed Sunday night. Despite not being nominated in any category, Allen was widely thought to have had the competitive edge in Best Rap Performance, Best Classical Compendium, and Best Surround Sound Album for no one performance, song, or album in particular.

The loss hits home especially hard for the students of his alma mater, who were counting on Allen to reclaim the University’s reputation after (alleged) Penn alumnus and generally controversial figure Donald Trump won the presidency late last year. When asked whether she felt Hoodie Allen had been unfairly overlooked at the Awards this weekend, Engineering freshman Eunice Johnson replied “Wait, who? I don’t listen to music.” College Sophomore Jackson Russo was similarly distraught by the news. “Oh wow, Hoodie Allen is still putting out albums? I completely forgot about that. Good for him.”

This is not the first time the artist has been snubbed. In fact, Sunday night’s ceremony marked the 59th consecutive Grammy Awards which have overlooked Hoodie Allen, a fact prompting many to ask whether the Academy (and the recording industry as a whole) has an unfair vendetta against the rapper.

Despite the devastating snub, students are unsure whether the lack of Academy recognition will hurt Allen’s prospects of headlining Spring Fling in April.