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Penn's 20 Under 20

Credit: Francisco Lupini Basagoiti

Forbes' ”30 Under 30” list is great for twenty-somethings, but the chances of having a multi-billion-dollar company or developing an artificial technology to teach writing at 19 are slim to none. Accepting this, we figured that a smaller list of people under 20 would be worthwhile, using different criteria to select those on the list. We're acknowledging 20 Penn students younger than 20 years old who have done great things and deserve recognition.

Emily Sasnick, 18: Didn’t repeat a single outfit for a week.

Derrick Price, 19: Left Van Pelt early enough to catch the sunset.

Mark Moore, 18: Read a book – for fun.

Veronica Martinez, 19: Used the meditation skills she gained from Pottruck yoga classes to cope with the fact that a rodent family moved into her dorm.

Michael Walsh, 18: Made his bed.

Jason Schwimmer, 19: Lost his room key and decided to call his parents and ask about their day while waiting for his roommate to get home.

David Johnson, 19: Walked a drunk friend back to Domus.

Quinn Quincy, 18: Completed his William’s Café punch card.

Olivia Chan, 18: Took time to stop and smell the roses. Well, technically to smell the fresh laundry after going three weeks without doing it, but that means she finally did her laundry!

Bo Greene, 18: Replied “going” to a friend’s a cappella performance and actually went.

Gabby Baxter, 18: Decided not to apply to Goldman to pursue a more meaningful summer experience – lifeguarding.

Cat Harper, 17: Is somehow still 17 in college.

Trey Costello, 18: Didn’t hit the snooze button this morning.

Lauren Gonzalez, 19: Shared an article about the importance of ending “Penn Face.”

Noor Godwin, 18: Instead of texting “You up?” to her hookup, Noor texted her mom to tell her how confident she was feeling about her recent Math 104 exam.

Gina Patel, 18: Kept the number of unread emails in her Penn inbox below 100 for a month.

Jill Klein, 19: Despite having mixed feelings about her lineage, Jill still posted a group picture of them at brunch with the caption “FamILY <3” and also shared it on Facebook.

Charlotte Tang, 19: Didn’t text during any of her classes.

Gwen Albert, 18: Even though she had loads of homework, BYOs, and club meetings she still kept up her intense skin care regimen (water, facial scrub, cleanser, toner, moisturizer) for a week.

Wilson Stahl, 19: Still a student in good standing at an Ivy League university.