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College Freshman's Writing Career Takes Off After Writing Her First Odyssey Online Article

Credit: Public Domain

Last night, while wrapped in her monogramed Vera Bradley blanket, Ashley Baron (C ’20) published her first Odyssey Online article, titled: “We’re not just friends, we’re sisters.” It was a moment that would change Baron’s life — whether for better or worse, though, is up to debate.

Within minutes of sharing the article on Facebook, Baron received loads of high praise, notably from her big, grandbig, and grandmother. Her sorority, which Baron has asked us to keep anonymous for no good reason, even shared the piece with their national advisor to show the culture of sisterhood they’re developing at Penn.

Responding to all the positive feedback, Baron said: “Like, I didn’t think like so many people would relate to this article so much. I guess it just shows a void in Penn publications. I remember when I was really upset that I got rejected from 34th Street, but now I'm so glad I went out on my own.”

According to Baron, what she loves most about the Odyssey Online is the opportunity to further her writing career beyond just Instagram captions. For Baron, just writing “Sistas! Ily <3” for a picture of herself and her pledge class wasn’t enough. Her passion for the English language and poignant thoughts on the joys of sisterhood just can't be captured in a short (yet catchy) caption. This article was an ode to her sisters; or, as the article says, “The girls who love me from DRL and back.”

Baron was thrilled to tell UTB that OFSL reached out to her, asking if they could use her article in discussions on the emotional benefits of Greek Life. Baron also bragged that the Women’s Center called her to ask if they could use the article as an example of women creating positive, feminist discussion spaces in sororities, but she hasn’t given them an answer yet. With a half smile and a shrug, the burgeoning writer told us, “To be completely honest, I wouldn’t really say I’m super feminist or whatever. I mean, I don’t hate men.”

Even with all the attention the article is getting – it is even trending on The Odyssey Online – Baron has her eyes set on her next breakthrough piece. Right now she is fiddling with a piece on 20 Things You Will Only Know If You Summer In The Hamptons, and another on the misrepresentation of sororities in the media: “Of course everyone isn’t blonde. I'm a red-head. I wish the media would better represent the ever-increasing diversity of hair colors in sororities.”

Needless to say, we can expect great things from her.