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Has Martin Shkreli Resorted to Selling Drugs in Penn's Meme Groups?

Credit: OversightandReform

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

On Monday, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals and certified "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli was added to the meme group "Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club," causing quite a stir in Penn's meme community. Members proceeded to roast his indicted-for-securities-fraud ass.

He was also meme'd on at least one occasion.

Despite being harassed by dozens of Penn meme-lords for about two days, Shkreli was about as respondent as he was in front of the House Oversight Committee. It wasn't until a student jokingly solicited him for Adderall that Shkreli finally surfaced.

Apparently that's what it takes to get Shkreli engaged in Penn's meme community. It's unclear whether the Pharma Bro is taking a Nancy Reagan-esque "just say no" approach to the comment, or an "I've certainly got the hookup, my good sir. That'll be 5000% above market price please," approach.

At any rate, Martin Shkreli was added to Penn's premier meme group, was roasted and actually responded. While the absolute absurdity of the situation is great and all, we at UTB are still waiting on that secret Wu-Tang Clan record.

We want the Wu, Martin. We know you can hear us.