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Fresh Grocer Chicken Wins Michelin Star

Credit: Julia Schorr

The Fresh Grocer is now among the ranks of the most famous restaurants in the world.

The grocery store on the corner 40th and Walnut streets recently won a Michelin Star award for its world-famous chicken. “This has been a long time coming,” Jaehyun Lee said. Lee, who is the manager of Fresh Grocer, has been trying to get the Michelin Guide reviewers to come to his establishment for decades now.

“Students have been coming up to me everyday telling me how much they love our chicken,” Lee said. “It’s nice to finally get some formal recognition.”

Fresh Grocer isn’t the only eatery near Penn’s campus to receive high praise from the Michelin Guide. Allegro Pizza and Grill was awarded a Michelin star last year for its cheese pizza, although it was suspected that the reviewer was inebriated during his tasting. Class of 1920 Commons was also notable for being the first college dining hall to earn three Michelin stars.

Although there were scares that the Fresh Grocer would be replaced soon by Acme, this recent award could change that plan. Customers at the grocery store commented grandly about how much they loved its chicken.

“I go buy [the chicken] every day on my way back from DRL,” Engineering junior Declan Quinn said. For students like Quinn, Fresh Grocer chicken is an easy, to-go dinner option after a long day.

Even Penn President Amy Gutmann remarked to a local passerby about how much she loved Fresh Grocer chicken as she was walking down Locust Walk.

“I have a really busy job,” Gutmann said. “But any time of the day that I am not working, you can probably find me in the pursuit of that incredible chicken.”

Gutmann was instrumental in getting the Michelin Guide to come to Fresh Grocer.

With all of these supporters of Fresh Grocer products, it is no surprise that it got a Michelin Star award for its famous chicken. It’s only a matter of time until the McDonald’s across from the grocery store gets an award.