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"Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club" Goes Public, Meme Economists Weigh In

Credit: Alessandro Consuelos , Tripp

It's not from the benevolence of the meme-maker that we expect our Expanding Brains. 

Last Friday, the Penn-centric Facebook meme group Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club (OUPSCC) changed its privacy setting from "Closed" to "Public", sparking immediate controversy. The backlash was swift and searing, causing many angery reacts in a matter of minutes. Some are praising the action as a step towards a more open meme economy at Penn, while others see underlying dangers of such a sudden and radical move.

Penn meme economist Milton Friedmeme is decidedly in favor of the change.

"What OUPSCC has managed to do is open its market up to the Penn community and beyond," he told UTB Saturday morning. "What we are going to see as a result is a proliferation of dank content. Fewer restrictions, freer trade, and a greater valuation of the market as a whole." 

Friedmeme and others are excited by the move. They contend that the free flow of memes is vital to not only the viral spread, but the creation of new meme formats. "OUPSCC represents a microeconomy that uses motifs from the greater market and applies them to life at Penn. It's such a niche market that without free access it will wither and die," he insisted. 

Friedmeme's enthusiasm is met by strong opposition by those outraged by the change. At the forefront of the opposition is another Penn meme economist, Ben Berdankmeme. Berdankmeme categorically disagrees with the change, saying, "Freer trade within Penn's meme economy will not be met with greater dankness and wealth, only greater shitposts and nonsense."

Berdankmeme and his associates believe that by opening the group up to the public, they are opening themselves up to shitposts, image macros, and other normie shit.

"Since going public, the OUPSCC has been exploding with new memes. While this seems great in the short-run, there are some huge underlying issues that could be detrimental in the long-run," he explained.

The quantity of content posted to the group has in fact been expanding at an enormous rate. However, many argue that this is not indicative of greater dankness per capita.

"The Gross Domestic Memery is growing at an alarming rate and the standard of dankness should rise with it," Berdankmeme concedes. "Paradoxically, this may be a terrible thing. It's becoming clear that the entire Penn meme economy is being propped up on shitposts."

Berdankmeme insists that the market is becoming dangerously overvalued. While most of the meme-backed securities that have been flooding the Penn meme economy hold AAA credit ratings, many experts believe that the underlying memes are subprime shitposts. Many users having been packaging these shitposts as Collateralized Meme Obligations in order to pass them off as investment grade.

"The Penn meme economy is going to spiral to zero in a month or two," Berdankmeme lamented. "And I'm not gonna sit back and watch it happen." Only time will tell if opening up the OUPSCC was the right choice.