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Open Letter to SPEC: Zedd is Wack, Bring Back 3lau



Zedd? Really?

I'm not gonna hide it, I'm not "hip", I'm not "with it." I don't know what today's youth wants in an Electronic Dance Music performer. But I sure as hell know that it's not the guy who made the tear-your-hair-out overplayed nonsense that was "Clarity." It's most certainly not "lit", as the kids might say.

There's only one performer who can save us from this EDM nightmare, 3lau. Is it pronounced, Blao, Three-Lao, Tri-Lao, Three-Law, or Tri-Law? There's no way to be certain. Regardless of his confusing name, you need to bring him back this year. He's our only hope. I am certain of this, even though I didn't even attend Fling last year.

Yeah, I know I can't just "skip Fling," it's unholy and unthinkable. Last year, I decided to go downtown and see Iggy Pop tear the roof off of the Academy of Music instead of wait for a literal eternity for Chance to show up. But despite my absence, it is clear to see that a 3lau headlining fling would be literally the best option.

As a person who has never once heard 3lau's music and has no intention to start listening to it, I am 100% sure that he is the greatest artist in modern music. He makes Zedd look like some guy with a computer. Not only would a 3lau headlined Fling be better than our current option, it would be the best concert in the history of the world. When the people of the future look back on the great concerts of our time, will they be thinking of Duke Ellington live at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1956? Nope. Will they be thinking of The Doors live at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968? Not a chance. There will be but one great concert that stands the test of time, and that is the concert we will have if you replace Zedd for our lord and savior 3lau.

Please take this under sincere consideration, as many of my peers feel similarly. In the words of Quentin Tarantino, "Zedd's dead baby. Zedd's dead."


A man who just wants 3lao back