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Harvest Location To Become a Soul Cycle Studio


Photo by Pixaby / Public Domain 

So, Harvest isn’t coming back. But, dry your no-more-cheap-long-islands-tears and gear up. According to the Real Estate Department of Penn's Facilities & Real Estate Services, the new tenant for the fire destroyed space is none other than Soul Cycle.

Harper Velo, a representative from the Real Estate Department of Penn's Facilities & Real Estate stated: “We worked very hard to find a place that would truly meet the needs of Penn students. Soul Cycle is just that.”

Velo couldn’t be more correct. Pottruck is passé, and their spin classes certainly pale in comparison to the ones offered at the decidedly boujeeist cycle studio in America.

While the studio is a place for fitness aficionados, it has also become quite popular with celebrities, and thus naturally stay-at-home moms and sorority girls. Ashley Stewart (C’16) commented: “I can’t believe I’m graduating right before this opens! Soul Cycle is me! At least my lin will be able to take classes there all the time. It was just so hard getting to and from the Center City Soul Cycle every week. I’m so jealous!”

A University City Soul Cycle will save students tens of dollars in Uber and Lyft fares. Which will be particularly useful since classes are $30 each, not including the shoe rental fee. And, you can’t forget to buy their athleisure apparel. Sure a tank top will cost around $60 and you’ll certainly have to get $100 leggings to complete the look. But hey, that’s the cost to have soul nowadays.

Velo also announced that the new Soul Cycle will have a special refreshment area: “We’re looking into a lot of options right now. We’re toying with the idea of an oxygen bar or perhaps a Swrilberry. But if you want my honest opinion I think we are going to go with another Starbucks. Penn kids just seem to love them, and their lack of presence on 40th seems silly.”