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A Definitive Ranking of the Best Places to Get Starbucks on Campus


University of Pennsylvania Campus Map, image by cea with edits / CC 2.0

1. Starbucks Under Commons

I know it's in the same building as Commons, but it has the most power outlets.

2. 39th & Walnut Starbucks

You thought this Starbucks would be pointless considering it's a block from Starbucks Under Commons, but you actually go to this one pretty often.

3. Saxbys

4. 34th & Walnut Starbucks

34th and Walnut Starbucks. What a classic. Truly iconic. But the line is always out the door (probably because the closest Starbucks is an entire block away).

5. The Starbucks That's Gonna Be In FroGro Wait I Mean Acme My Bad FroGro RIP

Can't wait to carry home a caramel macchiato in addition to my 8 bags of groceries.

6. Starbucks on the Second Floor of the Bookstore?

I'm pretty sure this exists? It might be one of those Starbucks that isn't a real Starbucks? I don't really know. I'm sorry.

7. 34th & Chestnut Starbucks

About as irrelevant as the Wawa that's also on Chestnut St.