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Hill Is Finally Getting A/C! No One Cares That Gregory and Kings Court Aren't


Hill College House is making a bittersweet return. Sure, we're happy that Hill brunch will be back. But we had thought that the University was going to demolish Hill and replace it with a Starbucks. The fact that we missed an opportunity to go to one Starbucks, cross the street, and immediately enter another Starbucks is crushing.

But something even better than Hill brunch is coming. It took a mere 80 million bucks, but Hill will finally have air conditioning! At last, every important college house has A/C. Yes, we admit the four students living in either Gregory and Kings Court will still suffer from the heat come August. But who cares? The sound of their crying will be drowned out by the hundreds of rising juniors who are mad that they didn't have A/C when they lived in Hill.

Rumor has it that these upperclassmen also loudly complained that they didn't have a chance to live in New College House last year. Rumor also has it that none of these individuals will be living in New College House, which is open to all undergraduates, in the fall.