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Incoming Freshman Excited to Try Harder Than All of His Classmates


Photo by CollegeDegrees360 / CC 2.0

Ben Jordan (C '21) has been preparing all summer for his first semester at Penn.

Jordan knows that he was a good student high school, even though he only got picked as the class salutatorian. We know, embarrassing. So even though he will regret taking only 12 APs for the rest of his life, Jordan has vowed to redeem himself. This fall, he will be trying harder than everyone in his classes.

Reportedly, Jordan intends to "complete all the required readings, take diligent notes, answer all the professors' rhetorical questions, and even attend half of his 9 AMs."

We also learned that after the first semester, Jordan will be "complaining about his A- to A+ ratio, updating his Facebook profile with his summer internship at [insert investment bank here], and losing his virginity." Sounds like a blast!

Unfortunately, we couldn't reach the pre-frosh himself, as he was too busy completing all four years of Thrive at Penn.