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SPEC to Pay Students to Attend next Fling Concert

Credit: Julio Sosa

We already know who will be performing next Fling.

SPEC was initially planning to reveal the names of the performers 36 hours before the concert next spring, but had to do so a bit earlier. Why? Well, The Odyssey At UPenn reportedly leaked the Fling lineup, consisting of two individuals, before SPEC had the chance to announce it.

SPEC released an official statement this morning: "Fling's 2018 headliner will be 3LAU, with a moderate-to-severe hailstorm as the opener."

But what's even bigger news? SPEC is selling tickets at the price of "negative 20 dollars." That's right, as a part of a new marketing strategy, SPEC will be paying students to attend fling.

We asked one rising senior, Hannah Fuhler, if she was planning on attending the concert for a payment of $20.

"Well, I thought about it for some time. But after running a quick cost-benefit analysis, I realized that there would be virtually no benefit gained by attending," Fuhler explained. "In fact, I would argue that it has a personal cost, composed of ear pain, boredom, and rain, valuated at way more than 20 bucks."

She continued, "The opportunity cost of having to show up is simply much too high. I'd much rather stay at home and watch Netflix, or even go to Starbucks and take some practice SATs, just to make sure I'm still good at them."

Rumor has it that by the time the concert begins, the ticket price will decrease by about 400%.