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Donald Trump Jr.'s Penn Email Signature Leaked: 'FYI I Do NOT Attend Penn State'


These days, the mainstream media is focusing on the content of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails and the apparent connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s campaign. But there's something much more important that hasn't been covered.

We recently investigated his emails from his years at Penn (UPenn, not Penn State, just to clarify), and discovered his Gmail signature from the time.

As you can see by the last line, Trump Jr. clarified an error made by so many of our second cousins: that we attend Penn State and not a university with a 9.15% acceptance rate. Like, seriously, we're the elite.

His signature isn't surprising, though, judging by his Twitter history:

All we can say is that we're glad to have someone looking out for us in times of fake news— or, at least, from 2011-2012. Now, can we stop calling ourselves UPenn and just start rebranding as Wharton University already?