6 Texts You Definitely Sent to Mom in Your First Week of College


Photo by Jhaymesisviphotography / CC 2.0

Heading off to college as a freshman is unlike any other time in your life. It’s a crazy mix of feelings: anticipation, fear, confusion, courage, sadness, and ecstasy. You’re on your own for the first time ever, and the independence is totally liberating. But that won’t stop you from sending some emergency texts to mom when the going gets tough. Whether you’re a freshman ready to hit “send” or a wise old senior looking back on that very first week of class oh so long ago, you’ll no doubt recognize these texts you may have sent (or are currently sending) to the lady who birthed you.

1. When you needed advice

2. When you forgot something important

3. When you had a serious question

4. When you really, really missed her

5. When you wanted to make her proud

6. When you wanted to reminisce about your childhood


Photos by MJ Kang