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Anxious Student Changes Schedule 11 Times in the First Week of Classes


Photo: Sophie Trotto / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Andrew Price (C '20) is having an existential crisis. In the past 7 days, he has changed his class schedule a total of 11 times.

"Yeah, I had like 100 mock schedules back in March," Price explained, "but by the time summer rolled around, I thought I had it all locked down." He was wrong.

"Turns out there are a lot of classes out there!" said Price, who is currently debating between majors in BBB, PPE, and/or Modern Middle Eastern Studies (with a minor in Consumer Psychology). "This semester alone, I can take Econ 001 001, Econ 001 002, or even Econ 001 003– wowie! So far, I've been showing up to all three, participating in each of the 28 associated recitations, and repeatedly changing my mind as to which section I want to take. They're all pretty boring, which has made my decision really hard!"

Price has also had to make some important sacrifices in his quest to create the perfect fall semester schedule. "I missed my third Organic Chemistry lecture this week so I could check out 1000 Years of Musical Listening. I know I'm pre-med, but I have to fulfill that Arts & Letters sector before I graduate! And I'll definitely, probably catch up with Orgo at some point."

Just as Price began to show us the spreadsheet he made to plan out every course he could potentially take by graduation, our interview was cut short by an email notification.

"Wait, 'Existential Despair' just opened up? Hold on, I gotta go log on to Penn InTouch."